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Dance Films

We are passionate about making art accessible and affordable. Check out some of our dance films and enjoy art in the comfort of your own home or on the go on your mobile device. 

Handle with Care

“You can be soft and still be sturdy. You can be a force and still be delicate.” – Alex Elle Handle with Care is a PSA to acknowledge, bring awareness and start a conversation around the tripartite plight of Black women in America. Many Black women have experienced police brutality; however, the combination of sexism and classism has placed Black women in a more vulnerable position. Black Women Deserve Better.

Sankofa / Kalayaan

Sankofa / Kalayaan is a dance film that explores the intersection of culture, spirituality, self-determination and reflects on the resilience practices that have been passed down from her ancestors. Inspired by the artists Amenta Abioto and Amanda Gorman, Alyssa embodies the search for revolution and freedom inside one’s self. The Sankofa is a mythical bird from the Akan people of Ghana. The African bird is depicted looking backwards, reaching for an egg to symbolize the importance of “remembering our past to protect our future.” Kalayaan translated from Tagalog, a dialect from the Philippines, means “Freedom”. This work seeks to find an answer to the question, Where do we find freedom in a world where we are tethered?

Towards the Sun

Towards the Sun is a dance film inspired by the art installation HOME. This work explores themes of migration, immigration, and transformation. Alyssa choreographed movements based on house dance to embody the intersection of culture and communication. Towards the Sun is about finding freedom and collectively moving towards liberation.

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