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Upcoming Events

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Soultry Sisters: SoulFlow Series | Monthly Event | Virtual Mat Pilates Class

Join Alyssa for a monthly virtual mat pilates class with the Soultry Sisters! I teach a pop-up class each month on a Sunday morning. If you work weekday mornings and can't catch my morning classes Monday - Thursday, this is the perfect opportunity. See teaching schedule below:

April 30 | 9:00am PST

May 7 | 9:00am PST

June 4 | 9:00am PST

Head Over Heels  | May 25 - June 18  | San Diego Performance 

Come see Alyssa "Ajay" perform in Head Over Heels this summer. This will be her debut performance with Diversionary Theater. 

About the Show: From the visionary behind Avenue Q comes a bold new Broadway musical fairytale where Once Upon a Time crashes into our present moment. In the mythical land of Arcadia, the royal family is challenged to set out on a journey to save their beloved kingdom from extinction. Through their adventure gender roles are upended, relationships liberated, and love is discovered in the most surprising of ways. Told to the hypnotic beat of the iconic 80’s all-girl rock band The Go-Go’s, Head Over Heels joyously unveils a path to a new world where diversity is celebrated and ladies lead!

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